Madison’s Original Brazilian Percussion Group

The Handphibians are a group of percussionists from the Madison, Wisconsin area who study and perform various styles of Brazilian music.

The Founding Story 🇧🇷

In the summer of 1997, Madisonian and Handphibians’ founder, Robert Schoville, took a trip with a few friends to Brazil.

After traveling the country for about a month, taking classes and acquiring instruments, Schoville invited UW-Madison music students and community members to join him in playing what he learned during his travels.

For over ten years, Schoville hosted educational drumming sessions with these students and locals, teaching them the instruments and specific rhythms and parts associated with the various regional traditions.

The Handphibians emerged from this process and the Madison Escola de Samba, or Samba School, was born.

Upcoming Handphibians Shows

Madison Carnaval 2020 Kickoff Party

February 22, 2020 at High Noon Saloon

  • Madison Carnaval 2020 Finale

    February 29, 2020 at Majestic Theatre

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    More about Madison Carnaval

    Beginning in 1998, Handphibians have hosted an annual music and dance party named Madison Carnaval. The Handphibians perform in collaboration with and alongside a mix of about a dozen local music and dance groups.

    Classes & Workshops

    • Next course begins Sunday March 15, 2020 for 12 weeks - Sign Up

    The Handphibians offer small group introduction to Brazilian percussion classes a few times per year. The class cycle is usually ten weeks long with one class per week.

    This class schedule is open to people of all levels of percussion experience.